Founded since 1996, SIGA is a data-processing engineering company with data-processing specialists’ engineers, consultants’ business specialists (accountancy and finance, human resources management …), and administrative support.

SIGA has developed its activities near customers mainly made up of large accounts in many diversified activities sectors such as banking, insurance, administration, industry, services, transport, telecom …SIGA is located, in Tunisia, in a High Tech zone in “Les Berges du Lac” near to all high tech international companies based in Tunisia.

SIGA is  considered as a company of  high tech software’s  Systems which was  founded by 1996 to meet the growing needs of organizations for its  IT management and use of advanced technologies.

SIGA’s  main target is the contribution to the effectiveness and success of our customers by the accuracy and the  relevance of its interventions as well as the reliability of its information systems.

SIGA provides software management which largely covered the needs and expectations of businesses computerization and organizations of all sizes and of different origins.

It offers, also consulting services which  works for a profitable and controlled computerization. its interventions are intended to be faithful to the needs and expectations of its customers.

Thanks to professional training ,wide  experiences and the dynamism of its staff, the company gets its standard of excellence and its leading position in the IT market.

SIGA aim is strongly oriented towards the appropriate and effective  use of  the advanced technologies, and greatly concerned with the renewal of acquaintance of its advisors .


Areas of activities:

SIGA is designed to help customers to maximize profitability and rise effectiveness and efficiency in administrative and management levels. In addition , SIGA offers all services needed for the design and implementation of management information systems.

SIGA  has the power to intervene in the major areas of activity such as:

  • Strategic planning of information based on the organizational characteristics
  • Analysis, design, development and implementation of management information systems
  • The implementation of methods and systems development tools, as well as the training of human resources to these technologies.

In particular, the terms of the company are:

  • The design and development of computer systems using advanced tools,
  • Project management, especially management of SIGA projects,
  • Diagnosis of existing information systems,
  • The development of preliminary analyses, functional and organic
  • The development of computerization strategies and cutting systems to implement,
  • The Management Planning and opportunity studies,
  • The optimization of database structures according to operational constraints and characteristics of the IT infrastructure.


SIGA’s interventions is oriented  towards development, implementation and maintenance of wide scale interactive systems in real time with the use of database management systems and 4G languages.

Add to that, the versatility of the consultants of the company, which  leads to various structured development methods involving the use of data representation and treatment tools.

Last but not least SIGA is a team working company  that fits and serves client’s needs from the perspective of their specificity, their methods and their developing  tools.


Running projects

Ethics to which we adhere in the conduct of our work consists of:

•             Meeting the business interests of the two (2) parties,

•             Complete knowledge transfer,

•             The relevance of expert advice to the assigned mission,

•             The concentration of efforts for the success of the mission while maintaining a structured approach and visible by the representative.


Our Clients:

SIGA has expanded its activities with large companies in diversified sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Administration, Industry, Services, Transport, Telecom, …

These activities give essentially the aim of guaranteeing the customer an integrated information system, secure and help in making quick and effective decisions.

SIGA’S references:

** SOMAGEP SA – Mali

Mission: Implementation of integrated management system IN FRENCH LANGUAGE covering the following areas:

  • Financial management
  • Accounting management
  • The Purchasing Management
  • Inventory management
  • Management control and budget
  • HRM
  • CMMS



Mission: Implementation of ERP in ARABIC_FRENCH covering the following modules:

  • Recruitment
  • Administrative management
  • Career Management
  • Attendance management and holidays
  • Benefits management of social and medical services (including management of group insurance)
  • Training Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Management of organization charts
  • Management positions and skills
  • Statistical studies
  • Self-service

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