Our Company:

SIGA is a software development and IT solutions company created in 1996. Our company provides customized integrated management systems, adapted information systems, as well as consulting, training and maintenance services.

Our company is located, in Tunisia. Les berges du lac, Tunis. The permanent staff consists of more than twenty engineers and six Senior Consultants with great software development experience ranging from 5 up to 25 years of experience.

Our main goal is to contribute in the success of our customers, by the precision and effectiveness of our information systems, as well as, our follow-up throughout the integration process, the continuous and efficient training, and the preventive, corrective and progressive maintenance.

Our Solutions :

The expanding activities of SIGA for more than twenty years, combined with its strategic partnership, and reinforced by its great experience and continual innovation, allowed the company to accumulate strong business and technology expertise empowering it to intervene in the major areas of activity.

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Our activities :

• Strategic collection and planning of information based on the organizational characteristics and needs.
• Analysis, design, development and implementation of adequate management information systems.
• The follow-up through the implementation system process and the effective training of the staff.
Our main activities cover all aspects of product development lifecycle;
• Diagnosis of existing information systems,
• The development of preliminary analyses, functional and organic
• The design and development of systems using advanced tools
• Project management, integration and implementation.
• The optimization of database structures according to operational constraints and characteristics of the IT infrastructure.