National Social Security Fund Chad

Insurance Regulation and Control Agency Burundi

National Water Company Mauritania

Malian Company of potable Water Management

General Retirement Fund Of State Agents

The Mauritanian-Tunisian of Telecommunication

Ministry of Forest Economy

Ministry Of Hajj And Ummra

Tunis Re

Tunisia Telecom

Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas

The Tunisian Company of Stevedoring and Handling

National Company of Exploitation and Distribution of Waters

General Company of Equipment and Works

National Real Estate Company of Tunisia

National Company of Oil Distribution

National Company of Tunisian Railways

The Tunisian Post

National Office of Civil Protection

National Office of Sanitation

Office of Commerce of Tunisia

The Office of Civil Aviation and Airports

Tunisian company of oil activities

The National Social Security Fund

National Health Insurance Fund

Attijari Bank

Mutual Insurance of Education

Industrial Land Agency


Lybian General Company of Electricity

National Society of Interurban Transport

Ministry Of Interior

Heritage Development and Cultural Promotion Agency